The zones represent rooms and living spaces. It contain components.

A zone overview is displayed this way :

Components displaying a counter contain multiple units. To show them, click on the counter.

Grouped Orders

Grouped orders allows to interact in a uniform way on all the zones components.

There are 3 types of component :

  • The lights (simple, variable and RGB)

  • The blinds (rolling shutter and slatted awning)

  • The heatings

A heating can be linked to only one zone.


The option menu provides two actions :

  • Create a new scene from the zone

  • Customize a zone 🎨

Create a scene

Creating a scene is made from the zone. First, place the components as desired in the new scene, then click on ➕ in the option menu.

A message asks the new scene name.

A new scene is automatically created from the zone configuration. A deeper customization can be made in My scenes.


The zones customization 🎨 is accessible through the option menu.

The zones are the only items in Lahoco that can be represented by either a color or an image. Any image can be selected to represent a zone.