Simple light

A simple light can be switched on or off.

Dimming light

The intensity of a dimming light can be adjusted as desired. Just like the simple light, it can be switched on or off.

Command with a push button

The physical installation of Lahoco provides 2-keypresses buttons. Each buttons can control a blind or a light.

In the case of a variable light. Lahoco offers advanced control options.



Short left press

Switch from a threshold to another, starting with the second one

Short right press

Turn off

Long left press

Increase the intensity

Long right press

Decrease the intensity

Double left click

Save the intensity on the second threshold

Double right click

Save the intensity on the first threshold

Set thresholds from the application

The thresholds for the variable lights can be set from the application. After selecting the desired intensity, Long press on the cursor. Lahoco will promt you to chose between the first or the second threshold.

Color light

The color displayed on the bar is the one currently applied.

Venetian blinds

An adjustable slatted awning can be configured on two parameters, the position (height) and orientation.

The blind can go up or down with the arrow in the top right corner of the component.

Rolling Shutter

A rolling shutter can be controlled from its position (height) with the cursor.

Two buttons in the top right corner of the component allows to move up or down the blind just like a physical button.


The heating component allows to regulate the temperature for the zone.


The components groups can be customized by modifying the color from the option menu 🎨 .