To start the activation procedure for your Lahoco, you will need :

  • A Lahoco Core (LCP1000 or LCD1000)

  • A wired Internet connection (Ethernet RJ-45)

  • A myLahoco account OR a myLahoco profile creation code. This code can be provided for you by the integrator, the owner, property management or Lahoco SA if you are the owner.

Activate my Lahoco

Once the Lahoco Core is connected to the network (RJ-45 socket) and powered up, it is possible to display the activation page by opening a browser and going to the Lahoco Core address.

Discover Lahoco Core address

The Lahoco Core address can be found by using the "Lahoco Discovery Tool" program available in the downloads section of the website.

On this page, it is proposed to activate this Lahoco Core by clicking on "Activate this Core". This action will redirect you to the platform on which you will have to indicate your existing myLahoco account or create a new one by using the profile creation code provided for you.

Once connected to the platform, you access to your personal myLahoco space. The rest of the configuration depends on your status in relation with the installation: Owner, Tenant or Integrator.

Owner (or Integrator)

At a minimum, you must define :

  • A new co-property

  • A new building added in this co-property

  • A new flat added in this building

Once this is done, you can add the Lahoco service in the "flat" tab on the flat you just created.


The steps for defining the co-property, the building and the flat were carried out by your owner.

It is therefore possible to add the Lahoco service in the "flat" tab on the created appartment.

Once the Lahoco service has been added to a flat, the Lahoco Core is considered as "activated" and will restart.

Wait 2 minutes and reload the Lahoco address page.

Managing my Lahoco installation

By connecting to your personal space on, it is possible to manage various parameters relating to your installation such as :

  • The weather

  • The remote access

  • Maintenance authorization

  • Management of owners / tenants

To configure this, just go to the "flat" tab. For each flat, click on "manage" in order to modify the parameters mentioned above.

Basic information management

Services management

Remote access

Once the remote access service is activated (see Managing my Lahoco installation), a Lahoco installation can be controlled from outside the home. Just go to the address<SERIAL NUMBER OF LAHOCO CORE>

How to Find the Lahoco Core Serial Number

The 8-character Lahoco Core serial number can be found in several ways :

  1. Directly on the LCD1000 or LCP1000 (S/N sticker)

  2. In the "About" page in Lahoco

For owners/integrators

An integrator or an owner has more rights than the tenants over the management of an installation. Thus, it is possible for him to define new co-properties or new buildings, but also to create a new profile creation code.

  • Integrator: Can create a profile creation code for a new owner/tenant

  • Owner: Can create a profile creation code for a new tenant

This code must be communicated to the new user, necessary for the creation of a new user account.

To finish

Once all the activation steps have been completed and Lahoco is accessible, a login page is displayed.

Default password

The default account is user with password 123456


The password for the default user account must absolutely be changed, to avoid unwanted intrusions on your installation. See User management.